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CheapTents Brazil 9000 Crew Interviews

A few weeks ago I published an article on Brazil 9000 expedition that involves adventurous Gareth Jones Aaron Chervenak traveling from north to south through Brazil on foot, by canoe, and by bicycle, which covers more than 9,000 km (5592 miles) in the process. Travel must begin in a few months and expect to take about 15 months.

Today, the CheapTents blog, which is always a great source of interesting stories, published an interview with Aaron and Gareth. The two men discussed their inspirations to send Brazil 9000, his previous experience in the Amazon, and what they expect to find their way through remote areas of South America. They also talk about their training as they prepare for the epic journey you most looking forward on the road and waiting to be your biggest challenges.

Being a speed of blogs of all kinds, CheapTents always ask their interviewees about their favorite team, and Gareth and Aaron are no exception. This is always one of my favorite sections in a CP interview as often I'm curious about the team of adventurers carry on their trips. In this case, Aaron said he likes his canoe Ally is Bergans of Norway, calling it "the best foldable boat on the market." Meanwhile, Gareth gives green light to your Arc'teryx Naos 85 backpack, praised for its ability to comfortably carry heavy over long distances and the fact that it is waterproof charges. Something that certainly will be useful in the jungle.

This is one of the next expeditions that I'm most excited about. Gareth and Aaron intend to use social networks during the trip to the fullest meaning that I hope we have many updates and a lot of information from them on the field. It will be an incredible journey, to say the least.