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Freya Hoffmeister South Circumnav kayak CV

Kayak Queen, Freya Hoffmeister, is set to resume his epic journey through South America morning as she returns to the water again in Valparaiso, Chile. The woman who has already traveled from Iceland, South Island, and Australia to New Zealand, hoping to become the first to row completely around South America as well.

Freya went to Buenos Aires, Argentina last September and spent the next eight months covering about 8000 km (4970 miles) after distant shores. First to the south, which was successfully able to paddle through the notoriously difficult waters of Cape Horn, which are well known for their turbulent seas and fierce storms, before turning north. In May, he came to Valparaiso and decided to take a break and go home to Hamburg, Germany. He was unable to rest, refuel and take care of the logistics that will see him through the second stage of the journey.

The plan now is to return to the water and cover another 8000 kilometers, rowing Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela passed before taking another break in Georgetown, Guyana. For this you will kayak through the Panama Canal, dodging heavy cargo along the way. If all goes as planned, the second phase next April will be completed. Step 3 Now start in September 2013, when it will finish the tour and arrive before she began to Buenos Aires.