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Himalayan spring 2015: Puja ceremonies and a collapse of ice climbing

There was also another setback in the Everest climbers maintaining the base camp today, despite the need to begin their acclimatization courses soon. Earlier this week it was bad weather that prevented them from entering the movement, but now there is a collapse in the Khumbu icefall that delayed the start of the first rotation of the mountain.

Alan Arnette reported that more than 80 sherpas were on the icefall this morning, and continued their work gear moving to fields 1 and 2. However, the collapse of the ice along the road caused each again. Apparently, there was a movement in a large crack that required four levels to complete, and everything fell apart. Doctors Khumbu ice now has to find another route through dangerous ice waterfall. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the collapse.

These are not rare, and are largely why crossing the icefall is so dangerous. This part of the mountain is very unstable, and ice Docs works throughout the season to maintain a safe and open road. This sounds like a major collapse, however, it could take a day or two for them to find a new path. You will recall that this road was described as safer and shorter than those used in the past, and we hope this will not change after this incident.

Alan also said his team had their Puja ceremony a few days ago. Puja is an important step in any climbing expedition since we can not start the mountain until it is finished. During the Puja, a Buddhist monk brings together climbers and sherpas for permission from mountain gods to pass safely to Everest, or other mountains are increasing. Traditionally, the monk blesses your computer and asks the gods to keep climbers safe. While it is taken very seriously by everyone, it is also a time to celebrate and have too.

With the addition of Puja, the teams are ready to begin the ascent, but the unusually heavy snowfall continued on Everest in the past two days, preventing anyone to go higher than the base camp. No sales teams crossed the icefall at the time, and no one but the Sherpas was up to Camp 1 or 2. I hope this will change soon because now is the time to start acclimation suddenly sure. In fact, some teams have really gone to other mountains to begin the process of acclimatization. For example, American climber Jim Davidson moved to Lobuche East, where it will go up to 6118 meters (20,075 feet) at the top. This rise is expected to conclude today and return to Everest BC.

More on Annapurna, the teams continue to play the waiting game. The weather is bad also remained, not allowing teams to make their summit push. Snow-covered the upper slopes of the mountain dust, which makes it very dangerous. Avalanches are common in the Annapurna, even under the best conditions, but with so much snow falling in the mountains, it is incredibly difficult, and the risk of avalanches is too high breaking track. By now, everyone should take their time and wait for things to improve.

ExWeb published a summary of news from other peaks 8,000 meters, and most of the news is the same. Bad weather continues through the Himalayas, including Manaslu where Simone Moro and Tamara Lunger hoped to try the spring after his promotion was thwarted winter. According to reports, the duo returned to the mountain in early April to discover that more snow had fallen in his absence and could not even locate your computer hidden under the dust. They chose to pull the plug on the expedition altogether, and are now back home.

The same story by Shisha Pangma, Cho Oyu, and Dhaulagiri, where ExWeb said a team of hikers encountered serious problems was reported a few days ago. Snow led the team off guard by surprise and was forced to take refuge at the base camp, where climbing equipment was offered to help. Apparently, whiteout conditions are still there now, which is very difficult for anyone to go anywhere.

Finally, tomorrow the first anniversary is met since the massive avalanche killed 16 carriers on Everest. I'm sure it will be a solemn occasion for mountain climbers and Sherpas Western to believe everything about that day. Many people on the mountain this spring were also there last year, so I think there will be memorial services and ceremonies. I have no doubt that those who lost their lives will be in the minds of climbers coming days.