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Morocco - a country rich in nature! Morocco mountain

Morocco mountain

Naturo these malproksima neniam in Maroko. Dezerto, montoj, valoj kaj maro - the havas lando between ke proponi subĉielaj entuziasmuloj!

Ĉiuj hikers niveloj marŝante the montoj Maroka masters. Inter bekoj mezvarmaj of the Rif Montaro, lia klifoj kiuj Mediteranea elstaris in sub-esplorita fari ĉi regiono magic.

Morocco mountain

The lakes are stocked with trout waiting for amateur fishermen. The sportiest want to face the challenges of the mountains of the Middle and High Atlas on foot, mountain bike or paragliding or rock climbing, canyoning, and caving. Its summits can reach 4,000 meters. Ifrane, Morocco's Little Switzerland, may come as a pleasant surprise with its summer coolness, winter snow, and ski trails "mules" traditional.

Nothing is as indescribable as a stay on the edge of the desert ... Head to Ouarzazate to discover its immensity and colors. At night, choose a camp in the desert, a chalet in the mountains, where you are, or bed and breakfast with the locals for an unforgettable and authentic experience. These are at the heart of the Moroccan identity, like palm trees, argan oil, and honey from its lavender.

Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, you will be enchanted by the turquoise waters of the bay of Dakhla! There you will meet migratory birds and pink flamingos.

In Morocco, everybody is naturally translated!