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Swedish Explorer Complete South America Kayak Expedition

Today, Christian Swedish explorer Bodegren completed an epic paddle expedition through South America to reach the beach, not far from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Over the past nine months, or so has Beeb navigated your way south along with many rivers, often paddling upstream to explore the rich biodiversity that inhabits the continent.

The Bodegren journey began last September when rowed up the Orinoco in Venezuela, which eventually led to a series of other interconnected watercourses including the Guainia River, Black River, Amazonas, Madeira, and more. Finally, he reached the Rio de la Plata, which led all the way to the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Argentina, where he sent his triumphant telegram to proclaim an end to the issue this morning.

This final submission is good to read as he shares his joy not only to do, but the sadness of leaving behind the jungles and rivers rowed in the last month. He will return home to Sweden shortly, and once again enjoy the comforts of modern life. But clearly, this adventure will miss only a matter of time before it is fixed again.

Small Christian Children's excursion was definitely a challenge, both in terms of logistics and things found while in the water. Crocodiles, piranhas, biting insects, and many other creatures were constant dangers along the way and the dense jungles of South America are not easy places to visit for months. Besides that, he spent weeks paddling upriver and often does not have the luxury of current work in your favor. It must have been very difficult at times when progress is slow and it was physically drained.