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In recent weeks, I shared stories about my recent visit to Jordan, the first to write about the history and culture of the place, and then follow that with a few adventure destinations. Today, I also wrote an article for Petra, the most famous and iconic landmark in Jordan. The piece is in Petra right: Beyond The Treasury, because I thought there was much to see and do there what I had imagined.

The ancient city of Petra was founded in the sixth century BC when it was founded as part of an effort by a Bedouin tribe known as the Nabataeans. Over the centuries, a business empire was built and used the city as its capital. Later, it was conquered by the Romans and finally abandoned altogether. Over the centuries, it was almost forgotten until it was rediscovered by explorer Johann Ludwig in 1812.

Images of the area have always intrigued travelers, who are fascinated by the stone buildings carved directly into the sandstone walls. The best known of these structures is called the Treasury, but in fact, it was actually a tomb. As I noted in my story for Gadling, for many people the Treasury Petra is, and what they do not realize is located at the entrance of a huge complex of stone structures that may take several days to fully explore.

When I visited the site in April, I was surprised to find so many ruins there including a Roman amphitheater, a temple, and dozens of other structures. There was even a ruin known as the monastery was so well preserved and impressive than the Treasury but is less known, in part because it sits atop a plateau that requires a hike up 900 steps to reach. A similar site, known as the High Place of Sacrifice, is also increasing (in this case, only 700 steps!) Because it offers great views of the city.

Before going, I knew that Petra was wonderful, but until I saw it firsthand, I did not realize how amazing it is. Walking around the place is like walking through history and I think it's worth a visit to Petra in Jordan alone. Obviously, there are many more things to do and see in the country, but Petra is certainly a destination not to be missed.