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Last week, I wrote a piece about my recent visit to Jordan, where he pointed out many historical, cultural, and religious attractions in this country. Places like Petra, the Greco-Roman city of Jerash, and important biblical Bethany beyond the Jordan. Visiting these places can be both inspiring and very humble time while, but after a few days of exploring ancient ruins, I was ready to stretch my legs and enjoy a bit of adventure. Fortunately, Jordan has plenty of that too.

The first part of my trip through Jordan was spent in and around the capital city of Amman a modern, vibrant metropolis with a population of over two million. But a few days and I was ready for a bit of peace and solitude in the wilderness. Fortunately for me, our first destination after leaving the city was a quiet green hotel called Feynan located south.

Feynan is the perfect antithesis of the bustle of Amman. Quiet and peaceful, the lodge uses solar energy to heat water and generate little power you actually use. At night, the hallways and rooms are lit by candles that give the place a quiet glow, and almost exclusively vegetarian meals are made from local food. All this is part of Feynan commitment to have the lowest possible environmental impact, and while you're there, you may lose some amenities, but no one noticed. Feynan National Geographic is named one of the top 50 eco-lodges in the world and does not take long to understand why.

As if that were not amazing enough Feynan on their own, who also happens to sit on the edge of the Biosphere Reserve of Dana, the largest nature reserve throughout Jordan. Dana is about 192 square meters. Km (120 sq. Miles) in size and is extremely varied landscapes. In Qadisiyah highland plateau reached an altitude of about 1,500 meters (4,500 feet), but also gives away to the vast desert floor far below. Abound sandstone, limestone, and granite cliffs and canyons slice through the rock, waiting to be explored.

I was able to take two increases, while in the area, one at sunset and another at sunrise, and both were spectacular. The red glow of sunrise and sunset projected the area around Feynan in a warm light that was both foreign and familiar at the same time. This light is red, orange, and pink desert living in a beautiful kaleidoscope that can not be fully conveyed in the pictures, but stay with me in my mind. Undoubtedly, it is one of the quietest places, quieter than I had the opportunity to visit during my travels.

Unfortunately, my stay at Feynan was too short and we were on the road again the next day. But if I had to choose a place to return to Jordan it would probably be here. I am told that these mysterious canyons offer great trekking and climbing, and waterfalls deep inside rock formations hidden and few have the opportunity to ever see. I would go back and spend a few days just trekking valleys and enjoying the quiet life in the eco-lodge.

I can not say I'm entirely satisfied with the Dana Biosphere left behind, but another fantastic fate that awaits them. Located in southern Jordan Wadi Rum, is a large open space that other divided by high sandstone and granite formations. Wadi Rum is another destination and visitors looking for a first experience in the Jordan desert adventure will not go away disappointed. There are hiking and climbing opportunities galore and camel safaris offer a unique way to explore the dunes.

We take in the beauty of Wadi Rum in the back of a couple of 4x4s and spent most of the afternoon in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia. There we saw the seven pillars of wisdom and learned how the British officer helped organize and run against the Arab revolt of the Ottoman Empire during World War Lawrence still casts a long shadow over Jordan, but his myth is not as great as it is in the West.

Our unit beyond our natural rock bridges, towers, and walls of granite spiral would leave many climbers licking their lips in anticipation. We opened our way through deep sand and collapsed on sand dunes 20 stories high while enjoying the austere beauty that made Wadi Rum a favorite destination for travelers. And at the end of the day, we stopped at a Bedouin camp that would be our resting place for the night. Tonight, participated in a traditional Bedouin meal, sang songs, danced, and smoked the hookah, while generally, a billion stars glowing. He was one of the most impressive night skies I've ever seen, and well worth a trip deep into the desert alone.

The next morning, a group of us were at dawn to get a totally different perspective of Wadi Rum. Interference on a hot air balloon spent the early hours drifting a thousand meters above the desert floor, looking for the perfect view of sunlight creeping across the landscape below. It was my first time in a hot air balloon, and I found it to be a wonderfully serene experience. When the flame was not blaring from the hot air balloon above, we drifted along peacefully wherever the wind took it. It was the perfect way to start the day and was a reminder of how vast and beautiful the wilderness was.

Again, my time in Wadi Rum was too short and I another Jordanian destination would love to return to. Adventurous travelers can actually walk through the desert on foot, camping under the stars every night. If you have time, which is how I recommend you see this place that has captivated visitors for centuries.

My visits to both the Biosphere Reserve of Dana and Wadi Rum showed me a completely different side of Jordan he had seen while visiting his historical wonders. It reaffirmed its position as a destination for adventure travelers as well. Hikers and climbers will find plenty to like in both places, provided they have enough time to plan their routes to take a long time.