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Exploring the Frontiers: The Science of Extremes Symposium

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences welcomes an interesting conference in a few weeks probably interested readers. The, entitled "Exploring the Frontiers: The Extreme Science" program examines the knowledge and understanding of environmental extremes both here on Earth and on other planets' development.


Back in the Day Conference, chaired by Professor Bengt Norden no Lorie Karnath in the Molecular Frontiers organization, will feature speakers in A series that discuss opportunities for exploration in extreme environments. The round tables will focus on space exploration, unique environments and planets found in other diverse environments Surprisingly, THERE A hostile times of our own in the world. The symposium will significantly Topics Some, like exactly where they should be explored, in trying to by respondent still exactly That Must Be explored in this day and age.

The symposium is held on Llevara 28 May 29 9h00-18h00 It is open to the public and free, although prior registration for the event is required. To get more information about this program, including the number of speakers and More Information About The theme here.

How interesting it seems very being and Conference love to be able to attend if she was in my neighborhood. Exploration in the 21st century is an important mission not sometimes seen, but I think never is so crucial. It's not easy to convince the population as a seller, especially economically always be a difficult climate. But the extensive exploration of Our Understanding Our World and Beyond opens new possibilities. Something that is not always evident at first glance.