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Amazon Express: speed attempt Amazon River Kayak Single
While we're on the subject of South America and the Amazon today, it seems that another great rowing expedition is about to hit th...
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Freya Hoffmeister South Circumnav kayak CV
Kayak Queen, Freya Hoffmeister, is set to resume his epic journey through South America morning as she returns to the water again in Valpara...
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Himalayan spring 2015: Puja ceremonies and a collapse of ice climbing
There was also another setback in the Everest climbers maintaining the base camp today, despite the need to begin their acclimatizatio...
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CheapTents Brazil 9000 Crew Interviews
A few weeks ago I published an article on Brazil 9000 expedition that involves adventurous Gareth Jones Aaron Chervenak traveling from...
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North Pole 2015: Thomas Ulrich just skiing expedition begins in Canada
It was a busy week at the North Pole, where the ice Bareno Camp continues to serve as a temporary base for researchers, explorers, and...
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Swedish Explorer Complete South America Kayak Expedition
Today, Christian Swedish explorer Bodegren completed an epic paddle expedition through South America to reach the beach, not far from ...
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Morocco - a country rich in nature! Morocco mountain
Naturo these malproksima neniam in Maroko . Dezerto, montoj, valoj kaj maro - the havas lando between ke proponi subĉielaj entuziasmu...
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Primavera del Himalaya 2015: Los climbers llegan a North Side Base Camp, Nat Geo Entrevistas Rafael Sławiński
The start of the climbing season in 2015 continues to proceed as planned. The teams continue to reach Everest Base Camp on the south...
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Adventures in Egypt, the Great Pyramid of Giza
One of the biggest prints throughout Egypt is undoubtedly the great pirámide of Giza . What Monumento spectacular overlooks Cairo is o...
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