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Ranulph Fiennes to treat winter South Pole Expedition
British explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes, who has made a career trekking in colder regions of the planet, is preparing for what could be h...
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History of Antarctica Scott Last journal entry
In recent months I have written several times about some milestones in the history of Antarctica. After all, there are 100 years since...
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The "golden rules" Arctic trip
It was a very difficult year in the Arctic and for the second consecutive season, there have been successful expeditions to the North ...
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Exploring the Frontiers: The Science of Extremes Symposium
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences welcomes an interesting conference in a few weeks probably interested readers. The, entitl...
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What is the strange object in the Baltic seabed?
Last year, a group of explorers from the Swedish coast discovered a strange object-shaped disc at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. Fixed ...
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Visit to Jordan
Last week, I wrote a piece about my recent visit to Jordan, where he pointed out many historical, cultural, and religious attra...
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Visit Jordan: Petra Explorer
In recent weeks, I shared stories about my recent visit to Jordan , the first to write about the history and culture of the place, and...
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